Scientific Conference Attention! Clothing, art, identity is a part of the started research project Clothing as a symbol of identity in 2011, with the main objective to bring together researchers from a broad scientific spectrum around the themes of clothing, fashion and art. Seeking a deviation from the conventional understanding of clothing as an exclusive textile or apparel technological issues, this conference is trying to expand interpretive field of clothing symbols and their various contexts, with emphasis on the contexts of crisis, tension and conflict. The sign "Attention!" indicates a global crisis in which opposing ideologies and different social worldviews determine social and political contemporary situation, which is reflected in the clothing practices and visual art.

Due to the very different and almost ambivalent understanding of clothing in different environments - in which the individual or collective clothing practices are related to an increase or a reduction of democratic values, one of the tasks of the scientific conference Attention! Clothing, art, identity is an affirmation of interdisciplinary research results. With a focus on perception of clothes and clothing sign, the conference brings together theoreticians of clothing and fashion, art historians, anthropologists, cultural theorists, sociologists and others.

Some of the guidelines for which further investigations would be necessary to deepen, are of course the current bans on wearing the Islamic face coverings (burqa, niqab) in France and Belgium, legislation on prohibition of burqa and niqab in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia after the World War II, religious rules and rigid principles of "proper "clothing in different cultures; clothing phenomena in the prism of different ideologies, and other topics in which clothing dresscode is determined by neoliberal consumerism and media construction, which in turn leads to a certain tension and conflicts. It is evident and almost disturbing that in the above correlation, the relation between clothing, i.e. fashion, media image and artistic artifact transcends the borders of the functional and moves into the space of the symbolic with the pronounced intentions of tension.